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The purpose of the VBA is the production of practical, credible and amusing content that is of interest to those in the practice law; coupled with hosting social gatherings for Members to connect,  learn and laugh.

Along with the library of recorded knowledge, the VBA hosts live events - monthly gatherings along with web-based Meet-n-Greets and Lunch-n-Learn webinars -- all opportunities VBA Members get to network and connect in meaningful ways and thereby gain from their membership far more than just a place to learn about better ways to practice law -- VBA Members have shared food, stories and more than a few laughs too!

VBA Members learn from the aggregated knowledge of the VBA's hand-picked subject matter experts - all leaders in their field who share their core knowledge with VBA Members through Webinars, Lunch-n-Learns and at VBA hosted events. These are not volunteers who drone on reading slide after boring slide ... but professionals who speak with purpose and passion about topics relevant to the practice of law. The VBA Literati are some of the most well-known, liked and respected speakers in their fields.

Certainly consider joining the VBA if you want to:

-  get up to speed quickly on all things digital and webby, including owning/maintaining a website; SEO and social media


-  receive an on-going (but not overwhelming) education about topics relevant to those in the practice of law
-  be social, network and laugh a little during a monthly lunch or meet-n-greet
-  freely reach out to the Literati and ask questions specific to your firm or situation
-  receive discounts and special pricing on popular technology and services offered to those in legal    


The mission of the VBA is to an inclusive and welcoming place for attorneys, administrators, IT and staff to meet in a kicked back and relaxed atmosphere.  From the technophobe to total geek, the VBA is the place where no sales pitches allowed - just supportive, practical information from experts vetted by the VBA's creator, Andrea Cannavina.

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