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The VBA is looking for legal folks that are committed to connecting with others in a sustainable way.

Folks that want to dive in and take advantage of all the VBA  has to offer -- to click on the educational content and webinars listed in the Library, to the links for special pricing and perks -  all immediately accessible to new members.

But most of all, the VBA is looking for good people.

We're looking for the people we'd be happy to sit around a table chatting with for hours about business, life and the intersection of the two.

Because that's something we actually do!

The VBA hosts regional get-togethers and lunches, where VBA members meet face-to-face with other VBA members and leaders of the larger legal community. 

From our long-standing monthly Lunches to the wildly popular Meet-n-Geek Happy Hours, to the first (of many) annual Conferences scheduled for the Fall of 2019, being a part of the Virtual Bar Association is here to help us all #dolawbetter

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