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The VBA was built to house the content and connections curated and created through the years by experts in their respective fields.  It is where trusted people deliver practical and specific information of benefit to those who work at law firms.

Immediately accessible to VBA members are recorded webinars with subject matter experts on topics relevant to running a law practice, creating a web site and the use of social media.  

But it's not just the educational content available to all members 24 hours per day! Membership at the Virtual Bar Association is all about connecting - in real time -  to form lasting relationships with others connected to the VBA.

The VBA hosts regional get-togethers, lunches, happy hours and group learning events.  At these events, VBA members meet face-to-face with other members, the VBA Advisors and Literati, along with leaders of the larger legal community.


 From our long-standing monthly lunches, to the wildly popular (and tasty) Legal Meet-n-Geek gatherings, the VBA is all about helping those in the law #dolawbetter by helping them to connect, learn and laugh


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