Andrea Cannavina, VBA Director (2017-2019)

Andrea is the creative and technical brains behind the Virtual Bar Association, who also happens to be a Master Virtual Assistant and head honcho over at LegalTypist – the premiere off site secretarial and administrative service for law firms. 

For over a decade Andrea has focused her time, energy and talents helping those in the practice of law get the paying work done - faster, cheaper and with less stress. 

Andrea offers a fresh voice on the trends impacting the way we work and do business in our challenging and changing times. She is known as a trailblazing entrepreneur who melds common sense practices with the hardcore reality of running a business in the “always-on” new world of work.

Andrea is a dynamic and engaging person who passionately speaks to live and virtual audiences about information overload, working on and through the web securely and the how to's and with what's to get and stay organized.

Andrea brings a unique perspective to the worlds of legal, technology and getting things done.  Enjoy a sample of Andrea's past presentations or join the VBA to gain access to even more of Andrea's content:

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  • Editor, Law Practice Today July 2012 Issue


          Article:  Playing to Win


                                 Article: Disposing of E-waste

        •           Article: Going Virtual           

    Shopping For Your Law Site's Domain Name

    When it comes to choosing a website or blog domain name for a law practice, context is everything.

    Mistakes Newbie Mobile Users Make

    In the grand scheme of things, we are all newbies adjusting to using mobile devices. After all, even if you had one of the first iPhones, it has only been five years.

    It’s Wi-Fi – Keep It Clean

    Do you prefer to use a public toilet or a home-based one? When you have to, you can use the public one—but really, you try to touch as little of it as possible, right?

    Your New Website “Do” List: Cover the Basics

    Stop right there! Before you take step one to create your law firm's new website, pause to figure out what it is you really want your website to do—and who you want it to attract.

    It's Not All About the Tech - People Are Part of the Process

    Careful consideration at the end user level should be given any process, technology or application upgrade. Beyond the cost of the servers, equipment, software, licenses, integration and downtime, is going through it all only to have very few adopt the upgrade or, just as bad, use the upgrade as little as possible. Now, it's only human nature - everyone resists change (even you).

    Do You Know? - E-mail Plus Security

    By it's very "tech" nature, e-mail is not a secure process. It's not just the personally identifiable information people transmit every day through e-mail - there's even more danger in the e-mails you allow to be downloaded to your working computer.

    5 Great Gifts For Any Assistant

    I'm sure you've noticed - even before we are done with Halloween (and certainly we can't get through Thanksgiving anymore) before we're bombarded with ad after ad announcing the forthcoming holidays. This year, take advice from an assistant who's been there and done that. Here's 5 items any assistant will LOVE!

    3 Reasons You Should Remove E-mail From Your Processes

    I'm sure the title of this article has some readers scratching their heads. Remove e-mail? I just started using it - it's the wave of the future - I work with clients by e-mail all the time - My clients wouldn't hire me if I don't use e-mail. This article covers 3 well thought out reasons you should consider removing e-mail, where possible.

    You Can't Do it Alone - 5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Assistant - Virtual Or Not!

    You didn't go into business to run your business -- that's what an assistant is for! This article covers five tips to help you get the most of a virtual, digital or in house assistant.

    The Top Three Reasons Law Firms Are Not Using Digital Dictation Technology

    In my profession, it is common to ask a lot of questions. Truly, it's necessary. A Virtual Assistant is someone who has to know as much as possible about a particular client's systems or way of doing things in order to best configure and make use of available technology to help them do it better, faster, for less cost - whatever the client is looking to gain.

    Telephone Technology

    Forward thinking firms are setting up processes to take advantage of today's telephone technology - including exploring VoIP, issuing cell phones and incorporating technology that lends itself to integration by telephone, including digital dictation, communications management and even payment processing.

    Who's Data Is It Anyway?

    Recent events and scandals have highlighted what can happen when an employee uses an employer's equipment or connection to the Internet for non-work related communications - whether such communications are through their employer's e-mail or not.

    Good Technology Starts With Specific Goals

    New technology is hitting the market and existing technology is being refurbished and applied to the legal industry every day. Whether you need to reduce HR expenses, increase collections or stimulate client generation, chances are some form of technology will play a big part in any firm initiative.

    The History of Transcription and Law Firm Productivity

    It's a given - the process of law requires a great deal of documents - agreements, stipulations, letters, memos, court required submissions, contracts, forms, wills and trusts just to name a few! The business of law also requires documents. After all, many an attorney's billable hour is spent drafting, reviewing and revising documents on behalf of their clients. How productive is your firm's document workflow?'

    ABC: Digital Dictation

    While many businesses use analog (tape) based dictation, the benefits of digital are so overwhelming, it is only a matter of time before tapes go the way of the typewriter (still hanging around the office, but not really used).

    Effective Communications In Our Digital World

    From those taking baby steps on the digital superhighway to those who've toured the block a few times - all need to heed a few universal rules to make sure their messages get noticed rather than become fodder for the recycle bin.

    Virtual Assistance: What Every Sole Practitioner Should Know

    Ever increasing numbers of attorneys hanging out their own shingle are in dire need of administrative assistance, but do not have the space, equipment or even workload to warrant hiring an employee.

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